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Caspian Sea Celebration Turkmenistan in 2017 Turkmenistan 2017 Caspian_day_in_turkm_2017
DSC00833.JPG CASPIAN DAY -Turkmenistan - 2014 Turkmenistan 2015 Report on the Caspian day, Caspian Day - article 1.pdf, Casp.Day -article 2.pdf, Article13_Aug_2014туркменскомприморье_ДеньКаспия.pdf
IMG_20150812_151047.jpg CASPIAN DAY – August 12-13, 2015, Astrakhan, Russian Federation Secretariat TC 2015 Pubilcations as the outcome of the Caspian day 2015, Draft Stakeholders Mtg Program 2 days eng.pdf, Draft Stakeholders Mtg Program 2 days rus.pdf, TC Proposal Discussion Paper_CIP eng.pdf, TC Proposal Discussion Paper_CIP rus.doc, 20 years of international support to Tehran Convention eng.pdf, Draft Annotated Agenda eng rev 1.pdf, List of Paticipations for TCSM bilingual_Draft.pdf, Дагенстанкий заповедник - Джамирзоев Г.С. , Eco Museum - Iran, Ecological Risks Management - Golubaeva, Civil Society Engagement Recommendations.pdf
3-d National Report of the Russian Federation under the Tehran Convention (2009) Ministry of Environment Russian Federation 2013 3-Nats-dokl-RF(2009)-eng.pdf, 3-Nats-dokl-RF(2009)-ru.pdf